Preparing to go to the temple for your first time can be an experience like none other. Many have complained that their first experience left them a bit stunned and confused (count me among them). Comprehensive preparation is a must and can be difficult at times when we must be careful to keep sacred things sacred. Nobody wants to say too much and many temple prep teachers simple don’t know what can be talked about and what cannot be talked about, so it is easiest to remain vague and push the individual into their first experience unprepared. The way I see it, saying too much is less of an offense than saying too little because a first-timer with little knowledge is forced to be an innocent swine witnesses an experience full of pearls–that is the greater offense.

Bishops are tagged with the role of making sure each individual is worthy and also understands the sacred steps they are about to take. The church has produce various temple prep resources but many leave too much up to the teacher in determining what will be said and lack practical advice.

Dear Jeff: Candid Advice from an Older Brother on Preparing to Enter the Temple

Back in November of 2012 J Washburn posted a question on MormonLifeHacker (worth a read). He wanted to know if others shared his concern about the inadequacy of typical temple prep classes to prepare one for their first visit to the temple. He received some interesting feedback and was determined to do his part to provide a better resource.

I received a copy of J’s book and read it in just a few weeks. I was so impressed by how solid his book was that I asked if he would sit down with me for an interview. I feel leaders in the church would benefit from knowing about this resource.

Take a minute to watch (or listen to the mp3) of my interview with author J Washburn.

Buy the book HERE.

Check out J Washburns temple photography at Helaman Gallery (really cool stuff).

How do we help leaders

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