Jeff Schooler is a Branch President of the Lake Region Branch in Devils Lake North Dakota. In this episode he tells about his conversion story and sheds some light on what it’s like to be the president of a small LDS branch with large geographic boundaries.

Episode Highlights

  • Jeff tells his conversion/reactivation story 6:00
  • Expanding on how easy it is to fall into inactivity 9:14
  • Most famous Mormon Jeff has ever met 10:25
  • First General Conference talk that comes to mind 11:00
  • If asked to speak in General Conference, what would the talk topic be? 11:14
  • What makes Jeff a unique Mormon 11:55
  • Callings that he has served in 12:28
  • Which past Branch Presidents do you resemble? 12:23
  • Story of how he was called to be the Branch President 14:28
  • Challenges of serving as the Branch President in such a small unit 16:25
  • LDS Video (Personal Video Conferencing) 17:47
  • A typical Sunday in the life of a Branch President 19:50
  • Are you as a leader ever worried about the Branch being dissolved? 24:10
  • Supporting members who struggle to balance their families needs vs Branch needs. 25:16
  • Home & visiting teaching solutions with letters, email & video conferencing. 12:26
  • Loving those you lead 29:30
  • Follow the Spirit, make a phone call at anytime 30:25
  • Speaking assignments & 5 minute talk 31:44
  • Transferring from two blocks to three 32:45
  • Give the benefit of the doubt, everyone is doing the best that they know how. 34:10
  • Read, read, read! 36:44
  • A favorite book: Hearing the Voice of the Lord 37:47
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