Chris Staggs is a father of four boys who lives in Overland Park, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City) and works in marketing for a multi-national corporation.  He grew up in western Kansas and, through a friends courageous question was led to the gospel.  He was baptized after high school, weeks before starting college at the University of Kansas, where he met his wife.
He was recently released as bishop, where he served for 5-1/2 years. Prior to his service as bishop, Brother Staggs served as a counselor in the bishopric and in several Young Mens presidencies.  He currently serves as high councilor.

Leadership principles:

  1. Don’t fret over regrets, don’t compare your service to that of others, learn from mistakes
  2. Don’t bear others’ burdens, help them apply the Atonement
  3. Work smart, especially with meetings and sharing the work
  4. Life balance  and delegation, learning to and being comfortable saying “no”
  5. Key principles of home and visiting teaching including:  honoring covenants and the power of return-and-report
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