Heidi Tucker is a current Stake Young Women president who has also served as ward Young Women president and an early morning seminary teacher. Check out her other interviewed called When a Missionary Returns Home Early | A Mother’s Perspective.

Episode Summary

4:00 First experience serving in Young Women’s
6:00 What was surprising serving in Young Women’s on a stake level?
7:40 5 principles of leadership
7:45 Keep lines of communication open with ward Young Women presidents
12:25 Support the stewardship of the ward Young Women’s president. Don’t replace them.
15:20 Love the youth and teach them with respect
17:00 We’re all at different levels of the gospel. Don’t judge…teach.
18:50 Pray to know the path for your stake. Put your ego aside.
23:45 How has serving in the Young Women’s made you a better disciple of Jesus Christ?

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