Don Adams is the CEO of Bear River Mutual in Utah. He was born and raised on a farm in southeast Idaho and served in the military before graduating from Brigham Young University and becoming an elementary school teacher. In 1974 he began working in the insurance industry and has continued doing so ever since. He served a mission to the Central States mission and has served in various church leadership callings, including as a Bishop. In this podcast, Kurt talks with Brother Adams about the experiences he has had in church and business leadership positions and how specific principles can apply to both.

Episode Highlights

  • (9:40) How do you create and transfer passion?
    • If done correctly, it’s a noble cause if you treat people well
  • (17:45) The importance of being an example as a teacher
    • Think through the process and who your audience is.
    • Establish a relationship with your audience.
    • Help audience to feel comfortable with you establishes a “safe zone” where audience is more likely to listen.
  • (21:00) Establishing rapport with someone.
    • Taking the time to get to know them.
    • “go where they go”
    • Good questions to ask to help someone open up.
    • Quit talking and let them talk.
  • (27:20) Effective youth interviews
    • Limit quantity of questions and keep them open-ended.
    • If they’re not responding, don’t make a big deal about it.
  • (35:15) How can you get “an honest day’s work” from individuals in church callings?
  • (39:30) Teaching others to become leaders
    • “Are you prepared to allow them to fail?”

Leadership Principles

  • (31:30) Principle #1: Your attitude sets the tone.
  • (43:45) Principle #2: Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • (49:00) Principle #3: Continue to learn.
  • (57:15) Principle #4: Live by your values and principle
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