Mark Harris, currently a bishop in Hawaii. He served his mission in Idaho, attended Ricks College, and was married in Idaho as well.

5 Principles of Leadership

  1. 37:09 – Center decisions on long term eternal perspective.
  2. 41:51 – Train, lift, and empower those you call.
  3. 46:16 – Sustain those in authority, your leaders and subordinates.
  4. 49:21 – Maintain order and humble obedience
  5. 51:31 – Go and Do

Episode Highlights

Where were you raised? As an “Army Brat” he lived all over the world.

Where were you baptized? In Germany as an 8 year old.

What is your church legacy? Martin Harris is a (many) great-uncle.

12:40 – Who’s the most famous Mormon you’ve met?

14:35 – Does your family have any General Conference traditions?

15:16 – Church callings, elders quorum instructor, elders quorum Counselor, elders quorum president, Single Adult Branch Presidency Counselor, Third Counselor in the Bishopric, HP Group Leader, and Bishop. 17:15 – What was the purpose of calling a third counselor in the Bishopric? There was a large military ward with high turnover with which a third counselor helped to lighten the load. 18:43 – Tell us the story of being called as a Bishop.

23:09 – Tell us about being in a “military” ward.

25:42 – Did you institute specific programs to make sure that everything was covered with military families schedules?

28:34 – Any general approach to keeping the ward staffed and not making it the focus of each bishopric meeting?

        The bishopric was able to forecast callings as people’s military assignments changed. The counselors are also responsible for reaching out to their auxiliaries and making sure that staffing needs are understood.

30:08 – Are the current presidents training replacements?

        It’s disappointing to not have training available. The bishopric can sit down and help the individual understand the scope of the calling and what is expected of them. Through PPIs and continued communication, all callings are receiving their appropriate level of training. Auxiliary leaders know that they are responsible for training anyone under their umbrella.

32:08 – In a military ward, what does your week to week look like?

        A lot of officers and enlisted members work together, they are able to work together as saints when they are at church and swap roles when they are working in the military.

34:51 – Any unique approaches to weekly ward meetings?

        Never show up to a meeting unprepared. Every bishopric meeting starts with a hymn and a spiritual thought or handbook training. Focusing on the spiritually uplifting part of the meeting has made a difference.

37:09 – Center decisions on long term eternal perspective.

        If you don’t have a goal in mind before you start, it’s easy to spin your wheels. Remind yourself that everything you do in the church has one purpose, bringing people to Christ. Keeping the eternal perspective helps you stay focused and not get distracted by the small stuff. If you rise above your problems that are obscuring your view, you’ll be able to see beyond the temporary problems.

41:51 – Train, lift, and empower those you call.

        As the Bishop, you help the administration of the ward, you also help guide spiritually. Point out the spiritual principles and teach every chance you get. As leaders, you train, uplift and teach spiritual principles to those you lead. Have regular PPIs with auxiliary heads, it makes sure that each auxiliary has the bishop’s support and helps train leaders in the future. Empower everyone in the ward and not just the leaders.

46:16 – Sustain those in authority, your leaders and subordinates.

        Recognize that everyone in their calling has been called of God and you sustain them as much as they sustain you. Step back and let them accomplish their calling in their way. Decide ahead of time that whether you agree with it or not, that you will do what you’ve been asked to do. It’s ok to ask why and for further understanding, but it’s important to accomplish what leaders have directed you to. It’s important to be obedience and receive the blessings that come from that. The spirit can compensate for your temporal weakness.

49:21 – Maintain order and humble obedience.

        Handbook 1 helps Bishops understand and direct the ward, following the handbook helps avoid difficult situations. The handbook gives confidence to leaders who are looking for guidance.

51:31 – Go and Do.

        Being called to callings where you’re unsure of how you’re going to accomplish, as long as you place your faith in God, He will give you the direction you need. If you show up, the Lord will make it work. The Lord will make up the difference if you feel like you’re coming up short.

How has your time being a leader help you become a better disciple?

        These leadership principles are all learned from being called as a leader. When you’re called you’re called as yourself and you don’t need to change to fit in. Heavenly Father loves His children and as a leader you can express that love as well. Be willing to serve at the same level that you serve as a leader or a teacher.

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