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Chance Mikos is a bishop in El Mirage Arizona. He is a former Elders Quorum President and high councilman, and a former missionary in the Boise Idaho mission.

In this interview we talked about Bishop Mikos 5 key leadership principles. They include:

  1. Let leaders lead
  2. Make bad man good and good man better
  3. Always be training your replacement
  4. Shepherd people to the temple
  5. Love is the greatest motivator

We also delve in to his time as elders quorum president, how he approach home teaching and the demanding need to help members move in and out of his ward. We also talked about some of his organization strategies using Trello and I also recommend you listen to the episode I did about Asana and how you can use these applications to organize your meetings and callings more effectively.


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How I Lead As Bishop in Arizona | An Interview with Chance Mikos

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