In this podcast, we talk to a 3 Term Senator that just became a Mormon.

Senator Larry Pressler from South Dakota, Retired.  He was baptized in April 2016.

While Senator Harry Reid helped him along the path, he first read part of the Book of Mormon in a Marriott.  He served with many in senate and house that were Mormon and has had a lot of feelings and run-ins with members along the way.  It’s been a 30 year journey.

Senator Pressler confirmed that Harry Reid has a stack of Books of Mormon to give out in his office, he openly talks about the church.

Senator Pressler currently teaches Sunday School-his first calling in the church, and is an Elder.

Clayton Christensen baptized him, and was introduced by Harry Reid.  Clayton once shared Moroni’s prayer with Senator Pressler.

He shared that he wishes he had listened to his inner voices earlier in life.

General leadership guidance he’d give:

You can be a leader in any capacity-parents, etc.

Leadership by example is the most important thing.

He’s still learning, searching.


Larry Pressler’s Books

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