Al Doan and Geoff Openshaw are the hosts of the very popular This Week in Mormons Podcast. I listen to their podcast weekly and they tend to make me laugh while they give me the run down of Mormon happenings. I encourage you to subscribe to the episode and you will find it entertaining.

They both have great leadership experience; Geoff has served as a ward mission leader and is currently serving as an elders quorum president in the Washington DC area. Al has served his time as an YSA elders quorum president, as well, and now currently served on his high council in Missouri.

In this interview we discuss the following:

  • The importance of delegation and why you may not be delegating as well as you think.
  • The importance of Personal Priesthood Interviews
  • The emphasis on quality Sunday experiences a leader can create and how that will help more people attend and enjoy your quorum.
  • The uniqueness of serving on a stake high council and how to approach this calling with success


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