Steve Willis has served in many leadership capacities in the church including Bishop, Branch President, Stake Presidency, and is currently serving as a Young Men’s President.  He has also worked at VitalSmarts, the company behind , Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change and Crucial Conversations, for over 20 years.

One aspect that VitalSmarts teaches is how to focus on vital behaviors and how to achieve specific outcomes.  Whether you are a bishop looking to improve your ward’s mission plan or a youth leader trying to increase attendance, focusing on the techniques outlined can help you magnify your calling.

In this interview we find some valuable take-aways such as:

  • Finding the vital behaviors-the most effective actions that lead to our desired results (not all activities are created equally.)
  • When we zero in on vital behaviors, it creates focus and we realize what needs to be done to influence someone to engage in the behavior we’re looking for.
  • How to get sensitives topics out-if you can’t talk about it, you can’t fix it!
  • There must be a balance between being direct and candid, and showing love.  This is done by establishing mutual purpose and respect.

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