GR Gordon-Ross served as bishop for 6 years in Lawrence, Kansas. He was raised in Kearney, Missouri and was converted to the Church in 1994 because of his influence from a childhood friend. He served a mission in Russia and later married his wife whom he met at LDS Institute. He is self-described as a non-orthodox bishop which he credits to much of his success.

Leadership Principles

  • The Power of Delegation (32:13)
    • Allow those you call to exercise their own leadership talents
    • How to help auxillairy leaders to exercise autonomy in their callings (34:23)
  • Setting Expectations (37:33)
    • Leadership requires personal sacrifice (39:40)
    • You cannot come together as a cohesive unit if there is a belief or view that one person does all the work
  • Willingness to Serve (42:00)
    • Arrive early and be willing to stay late to clean up after every church activity
    • Be a leader and not a calling (45:30)
  • Listen (45:53)
    • Make sure that all opinions in a council setting are heard and valued
  • Be Yourself and Don’t Be Afraid to Adapt to Local Needs (49:10)
    • Be yourself, be human, don’t be afraid to make mistakes


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