Ryan Jenkins is the author of The Assassination of Joseph Smith: Innocent Blood on the Banner of Liberty. This book is a historic non-fiction describing the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and the events that surrounded it. As a history enthusiast I am excited to pick up this book and gain a deeper understanding about this historical Church event.

Brother Jenkins has had such a deep experience studying the life of Joseph Smith that he really understands the type of leader the Prophet Joseph was.  He shares some stories and examples that displayed the Prophet’s leadership ability including how he was a prophet that didn’t take himself seriously all the time. Joseph Smith enjoyed humor and recognized he was a flawed individual,  but still stood up to the task and mission he was called to manifest.

In this interview Brother Jenkins also discusses the role that leadership played in Joseph Smith’s life so that he could become the man willing to give up his life for Jesus Christ. Brother Jenkins shares a fascinating descriptive model he calls,  The 3 Groves of Joseph Smith.  This includes the Grove of Inquiry (The sacred grove),  the Grove of Becoming, and the Grove of Teaching.

Brother Jenkins has also had the opportunity to serve as bishop twice and has a great perspective on becoming an effective leader.  We discuss his time as bishop both early in his life and then a decade after he was released. He has great leadership advice from which any leader can learn.

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