I typically write this newsletter for the general Leading Saints audience.

However, this week I need to speak to one person in particular.

You know who you are.

You see, I was reminded of you when I met Judy a few weeks ago at a conference.

She approached me with excitement and shared with me how Leading Saints has inspired her to lead.

What followed was not a story where a calling came from a bishop or stake president to lead with a title.

It was a call from the Spirit of God.

And you, the person this newsletter is for, know the sound of that voice.

You have been sitting in the pews of your local ward for a while knowing you are supposed to step up.

You have been given that idea that needs to be explored.

You just need to take the next step.

That’s what Judy did.

She decided not to ignore the invitation anymore and set up an appointment with her stake president.

She then explained to him the need she saw in the stake.

Fulfilling this would require a unique calling that you don’t find in the Handbook.

The stake president listened and then took the step to create the call which magnified Judy’s influence in her local stake.

The calling that was created and the influence Judy had going forward isn’t as important as the fact that she heard the call and stepped up.

So, back to you.

You can’t dismiss those promptings to lead anymore.

It’s an invitation from God.

You can’t wait around for a traditional calling to come your way.

That’s no excuse.

Take the next step.

Talk to who you need to talk to…

…and then lead.

I’m excited for you to comment or email me later and tell me the story of your unique calling and the difference you are making in the Kingdom of God.


Kurt Francom
Executive Director
Leading Saints

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