Below are the main take-aways from Elder Bednars first
answer in his leadership training. If you would like to review his answer to this question you can watch or listen to it HERE starting at 8:10 and ending at 15:50 or you can read it HERE on pages 3-4.


Question 1: Why is it
so important that leaders develop others?



  • Leadership
    includes both what you do and what
    you leave.
  • The
    most important thing you can leave are people who have increased in capacity and confidence
  • Begin
    now, training a multitude of men who
    can replace you
  • What
    can you do during your term of service that will prepare the way for the next people who follow you to be
  • How
    will you help them know what you
  • It’s a
    false premise to think that you don’t
    have time
    . All of us are less effective at delegating than we should
    be because we don’t want to take the risk that someone will do it wrong.
  • You
    have to take some inevitable hits
    on the front end
    . And you’re invested in that and it’s kind of painful.



What I learned from these take-aways about myself as a
leader (maybe you can relate):


  • I
    haven’t given one thought to what I am leaving behind. I naturally want to
    look successful in the present.
  • I am
    very good at helping people feel loved and included but not capable and
    confident (especially those in my presidency).
  • I have
    done nothing to create an obvious choice for my replacement.
  • I
    thought I knew how to delegate. But I simply delegate the easy activities
    and make sure the important activities don’t fail. I’m afraid to look like
    a weak leader.


Many times we hear inspiring instruction from our leaders
but fail to implement what we have learned. Regardless of what calling you have
these lessons can be applied in any aspect of life. Take the time to implement
this valuable instruction. For me, I am now more focused on giving my
assistants tasks that will make them more capable and confident rather than
making sure the ball doesn’t get dropped. It hurts but that just means I am
growing as a leader.


What did you learn from Elder Bednar’s thoughts on developing

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