Greg Clawson, who you may recognize from the recent podcast on memory training, has served for 10 years in the Young Men organization, four years as Elders Quorum President, and has been serving as Ward Mission Leader for about a year. In this interview Greg shares his successes and even his current challenges figuring out how to be a Ward Mission Leader. Greg shares some deeply personal and compelling stories that drive home the leadership principles he has learned.

5 Key Leadership Principles:

  1. Truly love those that you serve.
    • Service is a rite of passage to connecting with neighbors and quorum members. Serving another person opens them up to having a relationship with you for years to come.
  2. Remember the names of the individuals you serve to help show them that you care.
  3. Be a good listener.
    • People will willingly follow you if they know you listen to them and take their input.
    • Best gospel teachers ask great questions. Great gospel teachers talk less and listen more to the class discussion.
  4. Allow people to fail in their calling and to learn from it.
  5. Have empathy for others without condemning them for their situation. Don’t ever say “This is never going to happen to me.”

In this interview we also discuss creating a Ward Mission Plan, managing the Gospel Principles class, the frequency of Personal Priesthood Interviews, the importance of fun Elders Quorum activities, and recognizing the positive impact of Home Teaching.


Thank you to Robert Mortensen for writing the summary to this episode. Please join the Leading Saints Helpers Facebook Group so you can help too!

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