Greg Clawson from My Memory Works joins Kurt Francom to discuss memory tactics for LDS leaders. Remembering names and birthdays, allows leaders to be more effective with more impact, and why a good memory makes you an even greater leader.
They discuss the foundations of remembering names, birthdays, and personal details, of ward members, co-workers, and others.
  • Why we should never say, “I’m not very good with names!” again…
  • How can any leader can use the “C.I.G.A.R.” method to quickly and easily improve their retention of any name, at any time.
    • Concentration
    • Information
    • Get the Name
    • Association
    • Repetition 
  • How can a leader make an impact in your ward or job by being one of the select few that have a strategy and a plan for calling people by name, every time.
  • What’s the “sweetest and most important sound in any language”? (Famous quote by Dale Carnegie!)
  • Why “less is more” when making associating new info to what you already know, and why you must structure your brain into “files” rather than “boxes”.
We are commanded to remember others! When God or angels appear to men, they always call them by name, and are already familiar with them, and what their biggest needs and questions are. These skills, applied in our own lives, give us the opportunity to further the work and the Kingdom of God!
Greg Clawson
A special thanks to Kirt Christensen for writing the summary for this podcast episode

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