So what do we do about this STP problem?

(Remember, STP stands for “same ten people,” or the tendency some wards or stakes have to rotate the Same Ten People through influential callings.)

As I heard from many readers, most wards are making a concerted effort to spread the leadership callings around and fight against any bias.

And I also recognize some wards don’t have an STP problem, they have an OTP (Only Ten People) problem.

This message may not be as applicable to the OTP units.

I appreciate when I hear wards are making an effort to avoid the STP trap, but we shouldn’t spread callings around just to give everyone a turn.

It’s about increasing fulfillment in the lives of the saints.

This is the unique nature of callings.

They encourage us down a path of discipleship.

And not all callings offer the same fulfillment to all people, just like not all career paths offer fulfillment to all people.

(I’m so grateful other people enjoy doing my taxes.)

For example, being a bishop was close to a ten on my scale of fulfillment.

Being a Primary teacher is close to a two.

Others are going to say just the opposite.

What if leaders made a more intentional effort at understanding how members in their ward find fulfillment in their service?

There are hundreds of ways to do this, but a leader could start by asking this simple question:

“When have you felt most fulfilled in your church service?”

Taking that data into a revelatory experience might lead to ward members who are more fulfilled.

And a ward filled with fulfilled people shifts culture in a positive way.


Kurt Francom
Executive Director
Leading Saints

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