Before I graduated college I had a variety of uncomfortable jobs. One of those jobs was selling compliance posters (the poster you see hanging in break rooms explaining federal and state laws like minimum wage). I would start my day with about 10 posters and knock businesses door-to-door until I convinced a business owner to buy. I wasn’t too bad at it, but was also kicked out of many businesses that didn’t want to deal with a salesman bothering them. It wasn’t a fun job, but it built character.

I came across this picture a few months back while reading Daniel Pinks blog. I like it because–it’s vintage–and it explains sells perfectly. When I sold the compliance posters I often met this guy, or someone like him. They had no idea who I was and I hoped to have them write me a check in less than 10 minutes.  I now own my own business and have since learned that sales is about building trust and then selling services to those that trust me.


Trust is crucial when working in sales. It’s even more important when you are a leader. When a church leader is given a mantel and a responsibility to lead a quorum or a relief society group that doesn’t mean they are now a leader. Trust must come before leadership.

Many new leaders assume leadership and wonder why nobody is following. Make sure to take the time to learn about each individual and gain their trust–or else you will have this guy in your quorum.



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