Ardis Parshall is a professional researching that has spend the last 15+ years in LDS Church history. Over those years she has compiled some of the riches LDS leadership stories related to women in the Church. Her work is important because many of these stories have been lost in LDS folklore and need to be heard. She just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help her fund the book project where she plans to compile these stories so they have a place on the LDS Church history shelf. In this interview she tells a handful of stories that leave you wanting more. I am looking forward to my copy of the book so I can hear many other stories. This book won’t be a possibility without additional donations through her Kickstarter campaign. Even if you only donate a dollar to her campaign it will still increase her number of “backers” and will further promote the project to others with more resources to pledge. Go pledge!

Links from the interview:

Ardis’ Blog Facebook Page (to stay up to date on the project and see some really cool picture) Have I mentioned she has a Kickstarter Campaign?

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