In this episode of How I Lead, I talk with Marty Halverson who is currently serving as a Relief Society president in South Jordan, Utah.
Marty shares her 5 keys of leadership and includes advice on choosing counselors when you don’t know anyone in the ward, establishing unity in a ward, creating a mission statement, showing love at every opportunity, and leading how the Savior would lead.

Marty’s 5 Keys of Leadership

1. Determine your direction and invite others to follow

  • Articulate a mission statement based on lofty goals and personal strengths
  • Ask: “What do we want to have happen?”
  • Ask: “What could our RS be like?”
  • Describe an exciting vision for the future. 

2. Cultivate strong friendships

  • Become acquainted with every sister in my care.
  • Be familiar with her circumstances.
  • Remember her name and her story.
  • Eat, work, walk, and talk together as the Savior did.
  • Listen with compassion.
  • Spend time; don’t be in a hurry.
  • Demonstrate unabashed love.

3. Lead with Encouragement

  • Send the message, “Be of good cheer. It is I, your friend, your neighbor. Don’t worry. I want to help.” (To Lead as Jesus Led Book).
  • Speak kindly: ask, don’t demand.
  • Value individuals, treat them individually.
  • Laugh and smile a lot. Make it fun to be together.
  • Show gratitude. (Remember this is a volunteer organization!)

4. Help others succeed

  • Support the bishop! 
  • Involve as many people as possible.
  • Share expectations.
  • Train with diligence and patience.
  • Utilize “Return and report”.
  • Compliment their efforts.

5. Remember this is the Lord’s work. Use the Lord’s methods

  • Prayer
  • Scriptures
  • Handbook
  • Listen for inspiration.
  • Recognize others’ inspiration.

During the interview Marty referenced the book To Lead as Jesus Led by Eric Stephan and Wayne Pace (I’m looking forward to reading it).


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