Amy Durham lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the Director of Production for Deseret Book. She was recently released as Relief Society president in her ward and has also had experience working in the Young Women program.

In this episode we discuss how she led as Relief Society president, including what were the unique dynamics she faced as a single Relief Society president in a traditional family ward. She shares some incredible tips on how she handled Church welfare requests, and how she ministered to the many different demographics in her ward.

5 Leadership Principles

  1. Assess your own strengths as a leader (13:05)
  2. Delegate (16:30)
  3. Provide opportunities, not obligations (30:59)
  4. Sometimes it  is a jungle gym! (39:06)
  5. This is His gig! (42:17)

Episode Highlights

  • Rapid Fire Questions (04:09)
  • What is your best advice for Young Women leaders? (07:50)
  • How were you called as RS president? (09:05)
  • “I don’t have the Relief Society voice.” (10:42)
  • What processes did you go through to prepare to be RS Pres? (12:07)
  • Principle 1: How did you assess your own strengths as a leader? (13:05)
  • What are the demographics and unique challenges of your ward? (15:08)
  • Principle 2: Delegate (16:30)
  • What were you focusing on and not delegating to others? (18:28)
  • What was your ward welfare process like and how did you approach it? (19:51)
  • How did you tell people no? (28:23)
  • Principle 3: Provide opportunities, not obligations (30:59)
  • Why plan a weekly Relief Society activity? (36:27)
  • Principle 4: Sometimes it’s a jungle gym! (39:06)
  • Principle 5: This is His gig! (42:17)
  • What unique challenges did you face as a single Relief Society president? (45:55)
  • What was your approach to visiting teaching? (51:08)
  • As you have served as a Relief Society president, how has that made you a better disciple of Jesus Christ? (53:41)

Amy’s Food Order Packet


Like a Broken Vessel, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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