I’m excited to announce a new segment on the Leading Saints podcast. It is my goal to produce as much content to nourish the growing leader inside all of us. This segment will allow us to learn from some of the greatest and most inspired leaders to ever live–prophets, seers, and revelators. These will be a series of short episodes (about 5 minutes) that give you a daily leadership lesson from the greatest of leaders.

Please Contribute Stories

If you know of a story where a leader in history (or your personal life) shares a solid leadership lesson, please send it to Leading Saints and it will be included in the Leader to Leader segment.

I hope these stories inspire you to greater leadership and I hope you find opportunity to share them with those you lead.

Episode 1: Elder Marvin J. Ashton – April Conference 1985

We as members of the Church of Jesus Christ have a prophet who has shown us by his daily living the formula for success. By sharing with you tonight some personal experiences I have had with President Kimball, I hope I can encourage all of us to look to his life for inspiration as we set our goals. When I was ordained an Apostle, Spencer W. Kimball was President of the Council of the Twelve. I remember his saying to me, “Marvin, I am Acting President of the Twelve. Harold B. Lee is President of the Twelve. As long as he is serving as a counselor in the First Presidency and is my senior, I am merely Acting President.” He wanted me to understand that. He has always been careful never to assume any role that was not rightfully his. He was indicating also his respect for President Lee and at the same time teaching me. He has always applied Matthew 23:12—“He that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

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