Few topics are as emotionally charged or require more sensitivity than same-sex attraction. This complex matter touches on the things we care about most: our basic humanity, our relationship to family, our identity and potential as children of God, how we treat each other, and what it means to be disciples of Christ.  – mormonsandgays.org

In this podcast, we have an enlightening conversation with Ty Mansfield, President of North Star International, and former bishops Dale, Joseph, and Monte. All of these faithful priesthood leaders experience same-sex attraction (or SSA), and their candid insight is certain to help other leaders gain a better understanding of this challenge.

We explore:

  • what resources are available to church leaders and members alike through the Church, North Star International, and the Voices of Hope Project.
  • how to help someone reconcile same-sex feelings with the doctrines of a family-centric church
  • what to say (and what not to say) to someone who experiences SSA, or to a family member of someone who does
  • how to create a loving, safe, and compassionate environment in your congregation for those who experience SSA

Whether you’re a bishop, serving in a stake presidency, or an auxiliary or youth leader, you will come away from this podcast with a deeper appreciation for the gospel plan and how there is a place for all of God’s children in it. At the North Star Conference, there will be a special leadership track for church leaders to ask questions and learn more about how they can effectively support SSA members in their ward. Register below.

Helpful Resouces & Links:

mormonsandgays.org North Star International’s North Star Conference, (April 23-25, Provo, UT) Voices of Hope Project “What (and What Not) to Say to Someone Who Experiences Same-sex Attraction” Transgender Mormon – The Cultural Hall Podcast Books: Voices of Hope Book In Quiet Desperation A Bigger World Yet

How do we help leaders

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