Steven and Rhyll Croshaw live in Mapleton, Utah and are the founders of SA Lifeline, a non-profit organization that helps individuals and couples struggling with pornography or any other type of sexual addiction. They have authored many books and speak around the county (including at UCAP Conference) about the pressing need for greater awareness and education of the negative effects of pornography. In this interview they speak from experience since their marriage was almost lost to Steven’s sexual addictions. They tell their story of overcoming this violation trust and how they pieced their marriage back together. They also cover important topics that many church leaders overlook, including:

  • how to recognize addiction
  • how to help an individual disclose their addition to their spouse or loved ones
  • why protections from pornography is more important than prevention
  • why a bishop shouldn’t feel alone when mentoring someone through addiction. They are truly part of a team.

Also, they discuss the effects of betrayal trauma. This is referencing the trauma a spouse goes through when they find out about a spouse’s addiction. This concept can’t be emphasized enough! Church leaders needs to be aware of betrayal trauma and offer support and resources to those affected by it. I strongly recommend this interview to any leader that is mentoring someone through a sexual addiction. Please pass it on to other bishops, stake president, or elder’s quorum presidents you may know.


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