Tyler Howe is principal of the Neil Armstrong Academy in West Valley City, Utah. He graduated from BYU in Elementary Education and then later went on to earn a masters degree at Southern Utah University. He is a strong latter-day saint and has years of experience educating young children. He was recently recognized as the recipient of the Granite School District Excel Award for his outstanding success as an elementary school principal.

In this interview we discuss some life changing principles that primary presidencies and instructors should understand, but also, all leaders in the Church would benefit from understanding and implementing these principles. Tyler also teaches a powerful principle from Jacob 5 that can give encouragement to those that serve in the primary.

Some of these principles discussed in the interview include:

  • The daunting task of teaching children and what to do if you aren’t seeing progress.
  • How to establish routine and culture among your students so they feel safe in primary.
  • What primary instructors should consider on their first interaction with their students.
  • How primary leaders can better understand and help instructors in the primary.
  • How to set clear expectations for children to understand and follow.
  • The power of learning the names of those you lead.
  • How to include the parents of children in the primary instruction

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Tyler Howe

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