Review the following statements and ask yourself if any
reflect your quorum.


  1. Members
    of my quorum consistently put in extra effort beyond what is expected.
  2. Members
    of my quorum are highly motivated to contribute to the success of the
  3. Members
    of my quorum consistently look for more efficient and effective ways of
    getting the job done.
  4. Members
    of my quorum have a strong sense of personal accomplishment from their
  5. Members
    in my quorum understand how their roles help the quorum meet its goals.
  6. Members
    of my quorum always have a positive attitude when performing their duties.


These statements come from the book The Carrot Principle. In the workplace managers are very concerned
with how their employees are engaged in their work efforts. If they aren’t
concerned about such then they probably aren’t a good manager. But what about
in church leadership? Is engagement that crucial?


I remember a time in my life when I was completely engaged
in a valid cause. It dominated my thinking and got me out of bed in the
morning. I felt I was making a difference in the world. Through our church covenants we are building the kingdom of God.
Does such a cause deserve full engagement? Even if your fellow quorum members
wanted to be engaged do they know what the focus of the quorum is? What has the
leader of your quorum done to clearly communicate the goal or vision of the
quorum? How can people become engaged without a focus?

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