Erin Tanner lives in Cortez, Colorado, and is the mother of three children. She served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Along with being a youth leader she has been a presenter at Especially For Youth for three summers.


4:49 Youth come hungry to learn the gospel.
5:17 Data shows testimony growth is attributed most to four years of seminary and second to that was attendance at EFY.
7:19 EFY happens through the Church Education System. It is held throughout the country at various locations.
7:46 They have different varieties of EFY such as, outdoor, humanitarian, and adventure for youth.
8:43 Leaders could become familiar with EFY options and help encourage youth to attend the one that is best for them.
8:51 EFY has a scholarship program to help cover some of the cost.
11:07 Young Women Ideas: Harry Potter Young Women in Excellence theme, and a Harry Potter New Beginnings.
12:31 Be a window. Have the youth leave knowing their Heavenly Father loves them instead of thinking their leader is cool.
16:20 Pull back and be intentional.
17:50 Teaching with object lessons.
19:04 Have fun with the youth and allow fun to happen.
26:46 Be a useful instrument. You don’t have to do it all and be all. Look to those around you for help.
29:29 Fill your mind with truth. Turn to the scriptures, podcasts, and conference talks.
33:02 Let the scriptures wash over you.
33:46 Teach true doctrine.
40:46 Help the youth learn where to go to find answers. Teach clear doctrine.
41:46 Use Pinterest to log ideas and customize them for your young women.
48:43 Be authentic and genuine. Be a follower of Christ.


Especially For Youth
The Divine Center, by Stephen Covey
YW in Excellence Value Pageant
YW in Excellence and New Beginnings w/ a Harry Potter theme

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