Oswaldo Tello is originally from Lima, Peru where he was baptized at the age of 18. While serving a mission a little more than a year after his baptism in the Peru Mission his family slowly began to join the church.

After his mission he started his family and career in the banking industry. In 1992 he was called for the first time as a bishop and served until a job change came which moved he and his family to Chiclayo, Peru. He was subsequently called again as bishop but only served for 6 months before Elder Jay E. Jenson visited to form the Chiclayo Peru Latina Stake and call Oswaldo to serve as the stake president.

Promotions and a new career focus came in the form of social and economic development which brought opportunities to live and serve in more native areas of Peru where he provided leadership in various branches.

Moving back to life in the city has brought him the chance to serve as a bishop two more times including today where he currently lives in Arequipa where the church will be breaking ground on a new temple some time in 2015.

Leadership principles discussed include:

  • What changes you experience having served as a bishop multiple times
  • What his interactions with General Authorities have taught him about humility
  • The unique challenges of administering welfare resources without the presence of a storehouse
  • How social and economic conditions require the modification of certain programs and youth activities.
  • How he relied on his wife as another counselor when it came to understanding the needs of the ward in general

Shout out to Jon Albright for writing the summary for this podcast episode

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