Alanna Francom grew up outside of Blackfoot, Idaho, the oldest of seven children. She attended Brigham Young University–Idaho and then decided to become a massage therapist and went to school in Salt Lake City, Utah. She met her husband, Kurt, in a Young Single Adult ward in Salt Lake, and has served alongside him while he was a bishop and in a stake presidency. They have two children.

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3:00 How Kurt and Alanna met
9:00 The need for content around being a bishop’s wife
11:15 The bishop’s wife is an unofficial calling
11:45 When Kurt was called as bishop
13:50 Alanna’s perspective on their marriage during Kurt’s time in leadership positions
16:40 Changes when Kurt was called to the stake presidency
17:10 Dealing with situational depression
20:40 Leadership principles: Advice for the bishop’s wife

  1. Share experiences: Grow in the experience together
    • It is helpful to know what he is doing and see the purpose of his service
    • How to share and still maintain confidentiality (25:00)
  2. Make it a family calling (26:15)
    • Rewarding to participate in visits together
    • Ask yourself: What sort of bishop’s wife do I want to be?
    • Stake presidents: Invite the family to stand when the bishop is called (29:00)
    • Look for simple family traditions to incorporate into your service
  3. Finding connection (31:40)
    • Attended the wards Kurt visited as counselor in stake presidency
    • Connected with ward members, stake presidency families, bishopric/stake presidency wives lunches
    • Bishopric/presidency meetings as “guys night out” (35:40)
      • Possibility of feeling left out
      • Go out of the way to seek that sort of connection for yourself
    • Bishops: Allow your wife to have spiritual opportunities at church (38:00)
  4. Sometimes it’s hard and that’s okay (38:40)
    • “My wife has never complained” testimony (40:00)
    • It’s okay to give yourself permission to be sad, to want your husband there when he isn’t
    • Let yourself feel the feelings and be aware, and that will help dissipate it (42:45)
    • Talk about what you’re feeling and have real conversations with your husband

45:20 Sharing Leading Saints feedback with Kurt and meeting listeners
45:50 Sharing growth experiences through callings has strengthened her testimony


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