In this podcast, Kurt interviews two women with the unofficial leadership calling of Bishop’s Wife.

Sister Jordan Brown

First he speaks with Jordan Brown, who lives in Spanish Fork, Utah, where her husband has been the bishop of their ward for two years.
Jordan Brown


4:25 The circumstances surrounding her husband Brian’s calling as Bishop
9:45 The makeup of their ward
11:35 Leadership Principles: Communication as a couple: it first stopped being as intimate until they decided to focus on talking about his feelings so that he could process them better and she could support him without knowing the causes of those feelings
20:20 Look for the kind eyes: so many people are watching and it’s easy to personalize comments because you are now the bishop’s family, and this can become very negative inside your head. But when you look for the kind, positive eyes instead of the critical, judgemental eyes, you will find them.
25:35 Let yourself serve as the Bishop’s Wife: ask in your prayers to find the opportunities to serve others
27:55 Being the bishop’s wife has given her many opportunities to be intentional about keeping her covenants
31:45 Kid hack: “Sunday Centers” set up four rotationg, 15- to 30-minute stations for quiet activities such as reading, talk with Mom, work on Faith in God, making something with legos, and making a treat
34:55 Living her covenants has become more intentional and less like going through the motions, bringing her closer to Christ

Sister Amanda Fristrom

Amanda Fristrom and her family live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where her husband has been bishop for one year.
Amanda Fristrom


37:00 Her background and how her family ended up in Dubai, UAE
39:00 Life in Dubai
39:55 Being a member of the Church in Dubai: every ward is diverse, dynamic, and inclusive
41:55 The circumstances surrounding her husband’s calling as bishop
43:00 Give yourself time to transition into the position of bishop’s wife: identifying as “the wife of”
44:40 UVU professor Susan Madsen’s article about how women need to be kind to themselves and do what they want to do where they are
47:50 The Sabbath is the day she most has to deal with the position of “the wife of”, and looking to feel love for others gets her out of a negative mindset and into a service mindset
49:25 If the bishop is the shepherd, the bishop’s wife is the first follower
51:00 Bring the Spirit back into a conversation by bearing testimony of the Savior
53:20 Debriefing the former bishop’s wife (and others): listen to their advice
54:15 You can help develop a vision with your husband and others, and help support him and the ward
56:05 Singling out the one: pray about individuals and get creative at finding opportunities to serve them, even when you don’t know why
58:00 Setting an example for the ward
59:35 Working through depression and anxiety and the accompanying loss of the Spirit: stay the course
1:01:50 Use everyone in the ward: Asking others to serve you is a powerful way for them to be able to serve you, as well as for you to be served, and the blessings are reciprocal
1:05:30 The Lord has entrusted you with a lot, but He never intended for you to do it yourself
1:07:00 Getting to know the Savior has led to a greater understanding that all pain and difficulties are encompassed in the Atonement, and this has been a growth opportunity for their entire family


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