Joshua Konietz is the grandson of one of the pioneers for the Church in Europe, and served in the England Birmingham mission. He has served as elders quorum president, high counselor, and as a bishop for three years. Joshua manages a development team working in northern Europe to reduce auto and industrial weight and CO2 emissions. He and his wife Janina live in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, near the Frankfurt temple, and are the parents of three children.


3:45 The Church experience today in Friedrichsdorf
5:15 Meeting and serving during the pandemic

  • 7:20 Seeking personal connections

Leadership principles:
8:20 Principle 1: Personal preparation to lead with authenticity and integrity

  • Preparing the next generation of leaders
  • 9:20 Felt the desire to serve with the same influence on others that he felt from general authorities
  • 11:30 Wrote his vision of his service as a bishop
  • Seeks to reconnect with the vision of his responsibilities and who he wants to be
  • 16:15 A vision helps him set priorities and set the agenda for ward council
  • 19:00 Examples of considering specific questions and objectives

21:35 Principle 2: Empowerment

  • Influence from the examples of his Young Mens president and his mission trainer
  • 25:00 Mentoring others to catch the vision of why we are doing what we are doing
  • 26:30 Turning first to the handbook and seeking their own revelation

30:15 Principle 3: Influence

  • Authentic relationships are key
  • 32:25 Spending time with the members forms the basis for relationships and influence

39:20 The influence of the Savior and our dependence on the Lord’s counsel helps us do what we could not do on our own


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