Kurt Francom, the host of the Leading Saints podcast, is an adjunct professor at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the fall semester, he taught a class called Leadership for Life and this episode is the main part of a final project of the course. You will hear from President Bruce C. Kusch, president of LDS Business College, and several students who were in the class.

As this semester had gone by his class has gone thru many experiences in which they have been able to grow and change due to the way this style of learning. This new style of learning has been developed with the help of the college president, President Bruce Kusch, to create a new way of learning that they hope to bring to the whole curriculum of LDS Business College. Along with President Kusch and the students, they have been willing to share just how this changed them and made them into young leaders that can go forward in this world and be a light to follow. They have been willing to share some of the principles include:

  • Becoming Converted to and hard work
  • How to become unified by leading with friends
  • Finding the courage to lead by creating a personal vision

This Leadership for Life class has grown into a group of leaders that have demonstrated the necessary skills to become the young leaders that are so instrumental to create change in their own lives and the lives of others.

We invite you to listen to his student’s experiences as they have grown in his class and how their stories can help you to become a leader through the darkness.

You should also consider how you can stimulate an immersive learning environment in your ward and specifically in the lives of the leaders you work with.

After listening to this episode we invite you to TAKE A SHORT SURVEY that will help the students get feedback about the quality of the podcast episode (their final project).


Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practices (this is a book that teaches more about immersive learning styles)

LDS Business College Website

President Henry B. Eyring’s Devotional Address

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