Kessa Merrill is a young single adult member originally from Gilbert, Arizona, and is currently serving as stake Relief Society first counselor. Professionally she is an esthetician, studied public relations at Arizona State University, and is currently pursuing both of those passions as she works as the Operations Manager for the SkinBoss SkinSpa in Provo, Utah. During her time in Arizona she served as both the Latter-day Saint Student Association president and Interfaith Student Council president, and prior to that she served as her YSA ward Relief Society president. She has also served in several presidencies as secretary and held many music callings. In her free time she likes to cook dinners with friends, sing karaoke, and redecorate her home.


5:30 Kessa shares her experience working on the institute council and interfaith council at Arizona State University.

8:30 Getting called as a Relief Society president at 21 years old in her YSA ward

10:00 The most difficult thing about being Relief Society President

11:00 Visits with her counselors was one of the most important and consistent things that she did as a Relief Society president.

14:45 Those simple visits that Kessa took time to make every week impacted her life and helped her gain connections that have stayed in her life years later.

17:00 Kessa shares her experience getting called to be the first counselor in the YSA Stake Relief Society Presidency.

19:30 Kessa was one of the first YSA members that was part of the Stake Counsel. She has been able to speak up for YSA members in these councils.

21:30 Be organized and share responsibility

  • Applying this principle has allowed her to reach out to more people
  • They take advantage of technology. It’s harder to reach YSA members with their schedules so they use text and zoom calls to communicate a lot.

26:20 Loneliness is one of the biggest hardships that YSA members struggle with.

27:45 What a leader can do to help with the loneliness that YSA members are experiencing

  • It’s not about more activities
  • Make connections in small groups and through ministering

29:00 Serve with your eyes wide open and love.


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