James Quigley is a retired CEO of Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services company. He currently serves as chairman of the board of directors at Hess Corporation, and on the board of directors for Wells Fargo, Merrimack Pharmaceutical, and Chatbooks. He also has a passion for leadership in education and is working to support the leadership development of school principals through Deloitte University. Jim served as a bishop while working as CEO of Deloitte. He and his wife Bonnie have three children and many grandchildren.


4:15 His father’s experience singing with the Tabernacle Choir
5:40 Growing up in a small town and learning leadership as a football quarterback
7:10 Schooling and how it led to leading an international company
9:35 Learned a great deal about leadership through his church callings and mentorship with church leaders
12:00 The principle of “the one”: Success is connecting to the individual
12:45 Make moments matter in both one-on-one interaction and group interactions that result in the listener having a one-on-one experience
14:00 Connecting with the person in front of him is always his priority
15:15 Everyone cannot come to you for direction every day. Establish the organization’s culture and both allow and expect others to direct themselves.
16:40 Tell those you lead what you expect of them in the culture of the organization, explaining the values using simple stories to explain the how and why
21:50 Helping people look at their commitment as more than a job, and teaching them the organizational culture
25:20 His experience being called to serve as a bishop while working as a CEO
26:25 Assemble a capable team, then do the things you cannot delegate and delegate the rest
27:40 He focused on what the ward wanted to accomplish, then set goals as a leadership team
28:50 The importance of knowing how to run an effective meeting as a bishop: “The Spirit leaves when the allotted time has expired”
29:45 Rely on the executive secretary to prepare the meeting agenda
31:40 His spouse is a relationship partner who was an important part of his team, and the bishop’s wife influences the tone of what happens in the ward
34:00 Advice for newly-called bishops: encourage self-reliance in individuals
34:50 A bishop’s job is to help make the Atonement real in the lives of the individual members of the ward. Everything else can be delegated.
36:45 Transitioning away from a major role: don’t get overly-invested in the title, but come to it with a sense of urgency and know that at some point you will be leaving it behind
37:50 Make sure people want to do the job they are being asked to do so that they can come in with enthusiasm and be a team player
39:20 What he is doing post-retirement: Deloitte’s Courageous Principals Program for leadership development of school principals
43:00 Look to Christ as the ultimate leader and personalize what he would do in individual interactions


The Mormon Way of Doing Business, by Jeff Benedict

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