Yesterday I talked with a primary president that is experiencing the one thing that frustrates all leaders — human nature. You see, there is a teacher in her primary that gently mentioned to her the upcoming birth of her child might be a “good time” to be released from the primary. This primary president responded appropriately and tactfully but knew that every primary teacher has a reason why NOW is a “good time” to be released. This primary president even has reason of her own why now is a “good time” for herself to be released.

As I listened to this frustrated leader talk about this issue in her primary I realized she has the same problem the Elder’s Quorum President is having — he has a bunch of men that have a list of reasons why this past month wasn’t a “good time” to home teach. The bishop has people telling him why now isn’t a “good time” to accept a calling. The problem is human nature and regardless where you are serving as a leader you will face it. In fact, it’s what leadership is! Inspiring, motivating, delegating — all to keep those you lead away from their human nature.

The mistake is made when the leader doesn’t admit that it is human nature and simply releases the individual from the calling hoping the next person called won’t have a human nature problem. The fact is all that serve in the church are human and will bring a bucket full of human nature.

I have more to share about the monster of human nature, but for now I would rather hear your thoughts.

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