Chris Trendler is a BYU graduate, former Elder Quorum President, former missionary in Argentina and a executive consultant at ghSmart, a leadership consulting firm. We have a fascinating discussion about the latest book produced by ehSmart titled, Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success. This book is meant for a business leadership audience, but it contains many interesting principles that are applicable to LDS leadership.

Some of the questions you will hear discussed on the interview are:

How can a bishopric or ward council highlight the strengths of members?

How can a ward council set priorities that lead to success?

How can leadership effectively manage talent in a ward without choosing the same 10 people?

How can a leader assess the talents and skills of members in their ward?

How can the bishop easily maintain focus in meetings by focusing on priorities?

Interview Links:

The Very Root of Christian Doctrine, Thomas B. Griffith

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful


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