I’m a big audio junkie. If I am doing anything that doesn’t require 100% of my brain (driving, showering, sitting in ward council), I am usually listening to something entertaining or educational through the magic of my MP3 player (that sometimes acts like a phone).

A few years back, I tripped over an LDS podcast called This Week in Mormons At first, I thought it was a cynical attack on my faith, so I was a bit leery to listen further. The more I listened, the more I realized it was just two faithful LDS guys having a good time talking about “Mormondom” in the news.

Many times on This Week in Mormons, leadership topics or leaders in the news will be discussed. I figured it would be insightful to arrange an interview with the hosts (Geoff & Al)–if not insightful it would at least be FUN.

I did so and you can listen to the interview below (video or MP3). We talk about topics ranging from having the title of bishop follow a person even if they kill people 30 years later, to topics more realistic like motivating brethren to home teach. In the end, we simply have a good time and see if we can find some solutions to the problems leaders face.

It’s worth a listen…

MP3 Download

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