Scott Koenig of Arlington, TX was recently released as bishop after serving for over five years. He has a love and a testimony of the addiction recovery program. Upon his release he asked his stake president what he could do to help spread its inspired and healing message. Listen in as Scott tells us about his experiences with the addiction recovery program as a bishop and now as the co-chair of the program and his stake.

  • (2:20) Getting to know Scott
  • (4:15) What lessons did you learn while serving as a bishop?
  • (6:00) Getting involved with the addiction recovery program.
  • (7:49) Kurt tells us about his first day as serving as a bishop.
  • (8:24) What was your understanding of the addiction recovery program when you were first called as a Bishop?
  • (10:25) Was pornography addiction the most common addiction you encountered as a bishop?
  • (12:05) Inviting Ward Council members to help the bishop counsel addicts.
  • (15:34) The keys to success with the addiction recovery program.
  • (21:28) How does your stake structure it’s addiction recovery program?
  • (24:45) Implementing a successful youth addiction recovery program.
  • (26:40) Kurt’s first experience attending an ARP class.
  • (28:13) Scott meets with and introduces the Bishops of his stake to the ARP.
  • (30:50) Scott shares a sacred experience‚Ķ The importance of family and spousal support.
  • (39:57) How did serving as a bishop transform you?


LDS Addiction Recovery Program

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