Everyone is going to lead differently.

And that’s okay.

In fact, it is the way it should be.

There is no one secret way of leading that everyone needs to adopt.

However, there are specific principles that are implicit to lead in a productive manner.

One of those necessary principles is the desire to accept feedback.

Have you ever had a leader who wasn’t open to feedback?

Few things can doom an organization as much as a leader who is unwilling to accept feedback.

So, today, let’s make a pledge.

A leadership pledge if you will.

No matter how well or poorly you are doing as a leader let’s pledge to always be open to feedback.

Or better yet…

Let’s always be aggressively seeking feedback from all who are impacted by our leadership.

Let’s make this pledge official.

Put your left hand on your nearest Bible (or quad if you have it) and repeat after me.

I, [state your name]…

…promise to always be the leader who will receive any feedback.

Especially those who are impacted by my leadership influence.

I am not required to implement all feedback received but I promise to be the leader willing to listen and consider all perspectives in the organization I lead.

So help me God.

You can now put your Bible (or quad) away.

In an effort to be this type of leader…

What feedback do you have for me as I run the Leading Saints organization?


Kurt Francom
Executive Director
Leading Saints

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