Heather Mecham was born and raised in Indiana. Moved to Utah about 20 years ago and currently lives in West Jordan, Utah. She has two daughters ages 14 and 17.

Until recently she had been serving as the Young Womens President in her ward until her husband was called as the Bishop. Heather first reached out to Kurt after his interview with @ldsEQpres recorded in May 2014 to give positive feedback she had received from that episode about creating a fellowshipping plan in the Young Women’s organization. In this episode she talks about how she continues to lead as a 2nd Counselor in the Young Women’s organization as well as her previous experience in the Relief Society and Primary.

Leadership Principles Discussed Include

  • Being a Shadow Leader and Coach and not the Class President as a Youth Leader
  • The process she follows to help class presidencies fulfill their duties as outlined in Handbook 2 : 10.3.5
  • “We succeed when we invite.”
  • Stand on Doorsteps: “Nimrod or Bust”
    • In Ether 1:42 the Lord commands the Brother of Jared to, “head of them down into the valley which is northward. And there will I meet thee…” In Ether 2:4 we read that the Lord met them in the valley of Nimrod and gave them instruction on how to build their barges that would take them to the promised land.
    • Heather relates that when she feels prompted to make a visit it may not always be clear in the moment what the intention of that visit is, but when she goes to the doorsteps of these individuals the Lord meets her there.
  • Take Good Care of What You Already Have
  • Prepare Spiritually and then Get Out of the Way and Let the Spirit Teach

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A big thanks to Jon Albright for writing the summary for this interview.

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