Marshall married his high school sweetheart, who happened to be a member of the church. While Marshall didn’t join right away he eventually joined the church at 38 years old, served in many different callings and has gained leadership experience.

Marshall made a commitment to go to church after a diligent home teacher asked him, he started attending as he saw how his family loved him being there and the difference the gospel made in his own life. Home teachers need to teach the gospel to make sure that true doctrine is being taught to those who may need to hear it.

The talk entitled Beware of Pride by Ezra Taft Benson was a turning point in Marshall’s conversion and after baptism he was quickly included in the Elder’s Quorum and given responsibilities that helped him see the gospel in action first hand. After attending the temple he was asked to serve as the ward mission leader. After moving and a few other callings, he was called as the elders quorum president and a few years later as a bishop.

Principles of Leadership:

  • Love your flock and let them know it (18:13)

  • Slow down, listen, and be observant (22:00)

  • How would you restructure bishopric meetings? (25:34)

  • Communicate and teach communication (27:19)

  • Make your office inviting and your presence wanted (33:19)

  • Always Teach (36:32)

  • Balance (42:38)

What stands out the most from your EQP experience and serving as a bishop?

Marshall truly learned to love and receive revelation. Through training with the stake president he learned about interviewing and leading people to Christ. Serving as a bishop was a highlight of his church service.

Love your flock and let them know it

Having a loving heart and letting people know that you love them. When you learn about the people and pray for them, you enrich your relationship with them and the Savior. Show love by telling them, praying for them, and praying that they can feel the love. Don’t be afraid to show emotion as you lead. When people know you love them, you’ll be able to help them, especially when you ask them to do hard things on their path to exaltation.

Slow down, listen, and be observant

The work of the Lord sometimes requires us to work slowly. When you have a leadership situation that requires council, make sure you’re taking the appropriate time to think about the council you can give them. Make sure to ponder decisions and mentally slow down to communicate with the Lord. (See D&C 61)

How would you restructure bishopric meetings?

Marshall suggests to be more structured and focused. Make sure that people are on task and that tangents are held to a minimum.

Communicate and teach communication

Each relationship is different and have different dynamics. Effective communication is important as you counsel individuals. It’s important that individuals aren’t making decisions off a misunderstanding from your communication. Make sure that everything makes sense to the individual. Improve your communication with your Father in Heaven as well.

Make your office inviting and your presence wanted

Whether you’re in your office or someone’s home, people have difficult situations and you want them to like to see the bishop. Having a comfortable environment helps keep a dialogue going to help them with their problems.

Always Teach

Teach the doctrine and teach it everywhere. Teach in interviews, teach in homes, teach and minister while you’re administering. When you teach you prepare everyone to make covenants and then after they’ve made the covenant, you’re teaching them how to keep their covenants.


Delegate and let others lead. Don’t micromanage, let others minister as you want to minister too. Just because they aren’t doing something they way you would do it doesn’t mean that they are doing it wrong. Have reporting systems in place so that you can know what’s happening without running the program yourself.

“Your obligation is as serious in your sphere of responsibility as is my obligation in my sphere. No calling in this church is small or of little consequence. All of us in the pursuit of our duty touch the lives of others.” -President Gordon B. Hinckley


Beware of Pride, by President Benson

President Hinckley’s first address as President of the Church

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