Every week bishops find their box in the clerk’s office full of papers. He might find welfare checks that need to be signed, or financial reports to review, but most likely those stacks of paper clipped or stapled paper are reimbursement requests from ward auxiliaries. Because so many small receipts are included this leads to disorganization and the likelihood of important receipts being lost.

A new approach to the ward reimbursement form

Thanks to a great idea from Nathan Waldron, who is part of a bishopric in Roy, Utah, this reimbursement process can be much cleaner. He shared with the Leading Saints Helpers Facebook Group an envelope template their bishopric uses that prints the reimbursement request authorization request form directly on the ward envelope. This allows receipts and any other documents to be put directly in the authorization form envelope for safe keeping. This leads to less confusion, fewer lost receipts, and helps the stake auditor review expense information easily.

If this is something you would like to try in your ward, download the Word document below, customize it to fit your ward and then print!

Download here: Word Document File

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