To register for the LGBT Saints Virtual Summit for FREE CLICK HERE This episode highlights four principles of seeking out and listening to LGBTQ Latter-day Saints and features clips of interviews from the LGBT Saints Virtual Summit.


3:40 Seeking out the LGBTQ Latter-day Saint

  • Kurt’s experience being sought out as a bishop
  • Bishop’s responsibility “to seek out the poor and provide assistance to those in need”
  • Being proactive rather than reactive

10:10 Principle 1: Find and Listen

  • 11:00 Carl Hull interview clip: seeking out an old colleague to listen to their story
  • 18:15 Making it real by sitting down with and listening to LGBTQ individuals
  • 19:00 Listening to transgender people

19:45 Principle 2: Start a Dialogue

  • 20:20 Experience of a Young Women leader who was asked by one young woman in her ward to leave her alone because the young woman is bisexual and “by your standards I’m already going to hell”
  • 23:20 We have to stay ahead of these conversations, especially with the youth
  • 24:10 President Fersch interview clip: What starting a dialogue looks like
  • 31:50 One heart and one mind: making a welcoming place for those individuals

33:55 Principle 3: Stand in the Tension

  • Kurt’s regret for not reaching out to a gay ward member
  • 34:45 The tension is between love and law: show love while respecting doctrines
  • 36:30 Ty Mansfield clip: the difficulty of holding the tension
  • 38:35 Elder Oaks quote
  • 41:00 It’s in the tension that safety is created
  • 42:30 Scott and Becky Mackintosh clip: attending a gay wedding
  • 45:50 A bishop’s wrestle with attending his transgender brother’s wedding

48:00 Principle 4: Being an Advocate for Christ

  • 48:40 Offering hope-filled messages
  • 50:25 Mixed-orientation marriage: not the unicorn some people believe it is
  • 52:00 We can be alive in Christ and thrive in Christ, even in this context
  • 52:25 Resources are available


LGBT Saints Virtual Summit North Star Church resources: same-sex attraction and transgender Loving Our LGBT Brethren & Sisters | An Interview with Bishop Carl Hull

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