Gene R. Chidester served a mission in Argentina and has since served as a bishop, branch president, high councilor, stake president’s counselor, mission president in Uruguay, and Area Seventy. He is a BYU fan, husband, father, grandfather, the owner of Evince Naturals, and producer for the Latter-day Lives podcast. Gene and his wife Robyn live in North Salt Lake, Utah. In this podcast, Kurt and Gene discuss what leadership is and the key leadership processes Gene has used in his church service.


9:45 Gene defines leadership as a process of exerting social influence over others. This process can be learned, studied, observed, and trained. That is why anyone can be a leader. 10:40 Attributes of a leader. D&C 121:41-42. 11:50 Key leadership process one – A leader needs to create a vision, mentally and verbally, for their followers. What is your vision for your organization or ward? How can you convey that vision to others? 13:50 Key leadership process two – Create a shared plan that can help you get to your outcome. It’s not just the leader’s plan. Everyone in the organization should contribute to the plan. 15:00 Delegation. The leader has the responsibility for setting clear expectations. Such as: who will carry out the plan, time frame, provide appropriate resources, and follow up consistently. 16:00 Key leadership process three – Develop appropriate measures and metrics. Measures to track performance and progress. 17:30 Example of how to carry out a plan. 20:20 Key leadership process number four – When appropriate, celebrate successes. 22:00 Leadership gives power and influence. It can lead to either unrighteous dominion or righteous dominion. D&C 121:39. 27:00 In leadership meetings, set aside calendaring and administration. Come prepared to talk about specific individuals and their needs. Who needs ordinances done? 32:15 Communication councils play a vital role in connecting stakes to other faiths. 37:15 Gene’s approach to zone conferences when he was a Mission President. 45:00 Gene’s advice to prepare leaders for a visiting seventy. A seventy is not there to judge the meeting but to help the stake or ward. 47:00 Gene talks about his experience giving out callings. It’s not about who has the best church resume or who is the best prepared. Let God inspire you because it’s His calling, not yours.


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