Brian Wilson who was born in San Diego, but moved frequently due to being raised in a military family, now lives in Kansas City Missouri. Brian’s was born into a family where both parents converted to the church. As a youth Brian overcame many struggles in his youth including being abused. In this episode he shares his story of being born into the church, leaving it, and the bumpy path back. There is great insight into the thoughts and stories in a member who has left the church, but still remembers what is right.

Episode Highlights:

  • Suggestions for youth leaders that may work with abused youth (9:41)
  • Brian’s journey from baptizing a friend to inactivity in the church, “The farther he got the easier it was.” (11:12)
  • How he slid on the slippery slope (14:14)
  • Fading strong friendships (15:20)
  • Removing his name from the records (16:10)
  • Realizing that anger lead to unhappiness (19:20)
  • Realizing his weakness (20:30)
  • Leaders can reach out and let less active members know they are needed and loved (21:13)
  • Some members are looking for a reason or an excuse (24:24)
  • It isn’t as hard as it seams to remove your name from the roles (24:50)
  • Finding purpose outside the church (25:45)
  • The bumps on the road to reactivity was rough (26:35)
  • Brian’s family didn’t give up (29:44)
  • The power of a good neighbor.  The invitation was always there. (30:55)
  • Receiving simple service (33:20)
  • “All that I ask is that you listen,” Brian tells about supporting his wife as she learned more about the gospel (36:14) The fellow shippers really wanted to get to know them (37:52)
  • “Going back to church after 20 years…” (39:04)
  • Process of being rebaptized (40:09)

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