Dan Duckworth is the founder of Crux Central, a leadership development company that helps changemakers level-up their leadership performance. He writes and podcasts at danduckworth.net and hosts high-intensity leadership workshops at cruxworkshops.com. He’s also a member of the Leading Saints Board of Directors.


5:39: Dan discusses the life cycle of a crisis and creating a “new normal” for Home Church
11:51: Statistics of geographic areas and types of leaders that responded to survey
15:20: Bishops in a transactional mindset
18:13: All about hypothetical worries
21:14: Feeling like you need to be doing something
23:32: The Youth Program and God’s plans for 2020
27:33: Taking a break from worrying to ponder
30:40: Comparing yourself and your ward to others’
35:18: D&C 1, Hyrum Smith, and disciplined reflection
42:28: Creating connections in ministering and knowing what God wants us to do as leaders
51:02: Knowing the why behind actions you take and transactional mindset vs transformation mindset
55:45: Reintegrating into regular church life
58:32: The number one leadership tool


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