Anthony Sweat is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University. He received his bachelors degree in painting and drawing and his PhD in curriculum and instruction. He is the author of several books, most recently Repicturing the Restoration. Anthony is a regular speaker at Latter-day Saint events and conferences. He and his wife, Cindy, are the parents of seven children.


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5:40 Recently called as a bishop 7:10 Combining the worlds of fine art and being a religion professor, and intention to paint images that had not been done or could be done differently 8:55 Unconscious consumption of images as a source material for history vs. the role of art

  • 10:00 Example of the Prayer at Newburgh compared to the Prayer at Valley Forge
  • 11:20 Images he has painted about women giving blessings, Michael detecting the devil, and a Black man being ordained

13:30 Art has a role in leadership: teaching is the essence of leadership and art teaches

  1. Follow the recent directives to refresh art in the building
  2. Consider the art in the church building and ask: What does this say? What is it teaching? Who is it representing and making feel welcome here?
  3. How many pictures of Christ are up and what do they portray? Are there images of women and of people of color?
  4. What concepts or ideas are represented in the art? Art is not meant to be historical or doctrinally accurate, but to be representative and interpretive

Leadership principles in the paintings

22:15 Painting: Joseph and William Fight and Forgive – Joseph made the decision to say something to his brother William following a debate, resulting in a physical attack and a fight that Joseph lost – lesson in making a mistake and seeking forgiveness, and in welcoming disagreement 30:20 Painting: Divers Angels – Who is the angel Raphael? What powers and gifts did these angels bring? – The Church is true because it is authorized – The Restoration is ongoing 35:40 Painting: Washing the Feet at the School of the Prophets – We are all invited in to the temple 40:45 Painting: Sidney’s Sermons – Sidney Rigdon sermons that had negative impacts – Danites and the Missouri extermination order – D&C 121:41-43 – Sermons gone wrong when they try to force righteousness


Repicturing the Restoration: New Art to Expand Our Understanding, by Anthony Sweat Y Religion podcast (Episode 17/October 2020: The Missouri “Danites”) Instagram: @leadingsaints and @brotheranthonysweat Previous interviews on the Leading Saints Podcast: Seekers Wanted | An Interview with Anthony Sweat Church Doctrine, Policy, & Leadership | An Interview with Prof. Anthony Sweat Read the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast Note: This transcript was machine-produced. We would be grateful for help correcting errors. You can help! Simply copy/paste the transcript text into a document, make the corrections, and then copy/paste the corrected text into a comment on the page (below) and we will get the corrected text published!

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