For LGBT Latter-day Saints, no two experiences are alike. However, in this interview, we hope to explore what the gay or same-sex attraction experience is like for women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kurt Francom sits down with Quinn Kelly, Bailey Savage, and Deb Hutchins who each experience same-sex attraction. They discuss their personal experience being raised in the Church, serving missions, being active in their wards, and striving to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and maintain their covenants and beliefs in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


06:00 Quinn’s background growing up in the Church and finally admitting her SSA to herself
08:40 Deb’s background, burying her SSA until her mission experience, and coming home early
10:30 Connected to a group at BYU working with students and administrators to make the campus a better place for LGBT individuals
16:30 Bailey’s background of figuring out she is attracted to women
19:30 Bailey meeting her husband Jared
22:00 Clarifying that being same-sex attracted is not a choice
25:00 What the same-sex attraction experience is like for women
28:00 The power of connecting with other women
31:00 Seeing same-sex attraction as a gift
32:00 Being open about your story with others in the church and why leaders need to have their back
34:30 Other ways leaders could support sisters who are same-sex attracted
35:30 The process of “coming out”
37:00 Being forced to “come out” again and again
40:30 The importance of allowing people to be vulnerable about their story
43:00 Being single vs. being same-sex attracted and single
46:00 When leaders create false hope
46:46 How important it is for a leader be proactive in learning more about the same-sex attracted experience
47:30 Why leaders should attend the North Star conference for free
48:30 Considering the concept of eternity and hope
52:00 What a bishop should consider when someone “comes out” to them
58:00 How North Star has helped each one of these women
1:02:00 How has the same-sex attraction experience helped you become a better disciple of Jesus Christ

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