Matt Stevens is a recently released elder’s quorum president in Parker, Colorado. Originally from the Salt Lake Valley, Matt served a mission in northern Argentina and has spent many years as a member of the ward council and priesthood executive committee as a ward mission leader, young men’s president, activities co-chair, and elder’s quorum president. He has also served as an early-morning seminary teacher. Professionally, Brother Stevens is a dentist, having practiced for eight years. He and his wife have lived in Chapel Hill, N.C. and in Oregon before settling in Colorado, and they have four children. As quorum president he was dedicated to the principle of empowering and giving ownership to his counselors, secretary and home teaching district leaders, as well as quorum members.

Episode Summary

The call to serve as quorum president: 7:55

Scope of responsibility 11:10: Ward size, growth rate and other dynamics. Continuity amid change.

Using District Leaders Effectively by Empowerment, Clear Delegation and Trust: 15:20: Organizing to help people move. Getting beyond reliance on “Same Ten People” doing the bulk of the work. Making assignments versus asking for volunteers. Dealing with new move-ins. Support for home teaching companionships. Inclusiveness. Setting apart district leaders. Meet to discuss home teaching “best practices.” District break-out sections during quorum meetings. Share things learned from “failures.”

Presidency Meetings: 28:00 Flexibility in selecting meeting times and respecting family priorities. Handling of some administrative matters offline, electronically. Counselor ownership for districts.

Home Teaching Designed to Meet Family Needs: 31:29: Determine with the family what constitutes “effective home teaching” in their eyes. Understand Church Handbook meaning of “regular” home teaching. Using district leaders for more than simply gathering numbers. Insight from classic general conference discourse by Elder Holland on home teaching.

Five Leadership Principles:

  1. Validation through genuine appreciation: 36:00
  2. Lead by Listening, Modeling Supportive Behaviors and Being Authentic: 42:00
  3. Trust and Empower Counselors and Secretaries with Meaningful Assignments: 48:30
  4. Administrative “Minimalism” and Focus on Ministering: 54:30
  5. “Don’t Be a Squeaky Wheel on the Ward Wagon” (helping the bishop vs unloading problems on him) 58:40

How Leading Helps Me to Be a Better Follower: Hard work, grace and self-discovery (Fully invested or just a consumer?) 101:50

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