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Chad Lewis is from Orem, Utah and walked on to played football for Brigham Young University from 1993 to 1996. After not being drafted into the NFL he walked on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles where he had a successful career as a 3-time pro-bowler. Now retired from football he works for the BYU Athletic department and continues to have a passion for BYU sports.

In this episode we talk about his personal development as a leader and how he found the grit and determination to succeed in a difficult sport when he was required to “walk-on” at every level. Chad describes what made his two famous coaches, LaVell Edwards and Andy Reid, incredible leaders and motivators.

Episode Highlights:

  • Chad’s background 4:00
  • Chad’s childhood and mission 6:00
  • What advice will you give your children about serving a mission? 11:50
  • How Chad decided to walk-on to BYU 13:30
  • How to stay humble and confident on the football field 19:30
  • How to attack each day and succeed as a competitor 22:00
  • What Coach LaVell Edwards taught Chad about leadership 24:20
  • How Coach Edwards showed love through leadership 27:00
  • How to be a leader and not just a player 32:00
  • How to motivate as a leader 35:00
  • What Coach Andy Reid taught Chad about leadership 39:00


The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino

Tom Brady’s Book, The TB12 Method

Kurt Francom & Chad Lewis the day of the interview

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